Construction on Fourth, $27.3 Million Barracks Project Gains Progress at Fort McCoy in July

Since May 13, the construction efforts on a fourth, $27.3 million barracks project have been in high gear by the contractor with site preparation, and more.

L.S. Black Constructors was awarded the project in February and didn’t take long to get going. They are a familiar name in the barracks construction history at Fort McCoy, having built the first two of the 60,000-square-foot transient training troops barracks on post. They also recently built the new brigade headquarters building located in the same block as the barracks buildings.

In a June 28 update about the project, Nathan Butts with the Resident Office of the Army Corps of Engineers at Fort McCoy said the contractor has a solid base of operations to work from now.


“The contractor installed part of the underground concrete encased conduit,” Butts wrote in the update. “Forms and rebar are starting to be placed. Project trailers are trailers are set. Entrance tracking pad has been installed. … Project site fencing has been installed.”

Throughout May and well into June a lot of work went into preparing the site for construction. On May 23, Butts said the contractor continued “to strip and stockpile topsoil.” And in his June 14 update he stated the contractor continued “to haul in fill and build up (the) footprint to elevation.”

The exact contract amount for the project when it was awarded was $27,287,735. In the award announcement, it states it was “for the construction of the barracks, which will provide housing for enlisted service members undergoing training at the installation.” The building will be able to house up to 400 people.

According to the scope of work, it’s going to be made of permanent construction with reinforced concrete foundations; concrete floor slabs; structural steel frames; steel stud infill; masonry veneer walls; prefinished standing seam metal roofing; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning capabilities; plumbing; mechanical systems; and electrical systems. Supporting facilities include land clearing, concrete sidewalk paving, general site improvements, and utility connections.

Contractors work on a new $27.3 million transient training troops barracks project June 25, 2024, at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. U.S. ARMY PHOTO BY SCOTT STURKOL

“The building also is being built with the latest in construction materials and include state-of-the-art physical security and energy-saving measures,” the statement of work shows.

The contract duration is scheduled for completion in 780 calendar days, Army Corps of Engineer contract documents show.

In the backdrop of this project is the ongoing third barracks project — a $28 million project that was awarded in June 2023 to BlindermanPower (Construction). That project is currently just over 20 percent complete and continuing to be completed swiftly.


All of this work continues with the master plan for the 1600 block that will include not only the four barracks but also three 20,000-square-foot brigade headquarters buildings — one of which is done — and two 160-room officer quarters, said Master Planner Brian Harrie with the Fort McCoy Directorate of Public Works (DPW).

Also to be completed soon, Army Corps of Engineer officials said earlier in 2024, is the awarding of a contract for one of the officer quarters buildings. Harrie has stated in previous news articles this entire transformation of this block at McCoy is known as the 1600 Block Transient Training Campus Plan.