Resource Efficiency Managers Expand Partnership with Navy Installations

Following years of energy-saving successes at Naval Base Guam, the Navy is expanding its partnership with the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Resource Efficiency Manager Program.

Huntsville Center’s REM program improves installation energy programs by developing site energy and water plans that achieve energy efficiency, reduction, security and resiliency through sustainable and renewable resources. REMs, contracted energy management experts, help energy managers increase energy awareness, collect data for reporting site energy use and management and achieve energy goals and mandates.

REMs have been working with energy managers at Naval Base Guam for over six years to conduct building audits, identify energy conservation measures and develop project documentation for third-party financed energy projects, said Russell Moebes, REM Program project manager.

“They saw the energy savings and projects that have come out of Guam, so they shared those success stories within the Navy and wanted to get REMs out to other installations to help meet their energy goals as well,” said Moebes.

Huntsville Center’s REM Program now has contracts to provide 16 total REMs to Navy Atlantic, Navy Pacific and Navy Far East. Each contract has four unexercised option years and additional unexercised optional REMs if installations need additional support with larger integrated project development.

“Not only are these contracts going to result in cost savings for the Navy, they are also focused on improving energy resiliency, so installations can self-sustain their critical missions,” said Moebes.

For more information about Huntsville Center’s Resource Efficiency Manager Program, visit

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