Swafford Striving to be a “Wonder Woman” in the Mobile District

Rosario ‘Rose’ Swafford, Personnel Security specialist, grew up in a traditional Hispanic home in Santa Cruz, California, and has been working here in the Mobile District since 2017.

Swafford said the lessons she learned from her family help form how she does her job and treats others outside of work.

“It was always ingrained in me to respect others and to see the good in the world,” Swafford said. “To provide help for those who cannot help themselves. So, that fits into what I do now as a Security Specialist. I treat people like I want to be treated, with respect and dignity.”

Swafford said that growing up, she spoke only Spanish in her home or family settings outside of the home, while she learned the American culture outside of her home. When she was young, the celebrities she liked were predominantly Hispanic, but in high school, her attention began to focus on American stars. Something she said her father understood.

“In high school, Madonna, Bobby Brown, and Whitney Houston were on my Walkman,” Swafford said. “I was surfing with my friends and protesting against drilling for oil off the coast of Northern California. My mother didn’t know what to make of me. My late father said, ‘Let her be. She is doing what we sacrificed for. For her to enjoy life freely, yes, even if she is swimming with the sharks. As long as she doesn’t bring one home, it’s all okay.’”

As for heroes in her life, as a child, her hero was Zorro. But now her hero is someone entirely different, and someone she says relates to her job.

“Wonder Woman is totally my hero now,” Swafford said. “She encompasses everything I hold true. She is a protector, a warrior, she has empathy, and is a beautiful soul. She fights along with Batman and Superman. She fights for those who can’t fight for themselves. And she does this all while being in heels and a stylish outfit.”

Greg Barr, Mobile District Chief of Security, said that Rose’s position in the District is vital, and her role cannot be more emphasized.

“Rose serves in an integral position that facilitates onboarding new employees, contractors, teams, and volunteers. Rose ensures that personnel assuming duties/responsibilities have the proper background checks and vetting required for federal employment. The importance of this position cannot be overstated, ensuring that the protocols relative to Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 are complied with and adhered to.”

Swafford said she doesn’t view or think of herself as a Hispanic Woman in her job but focuses on the opportunities she has been provided to make a positive impact and a difference in what she does.

“I have a great environment that gives me grounds to become the best of what I wish to accomplish,” Swafford said. “Learning through security is tough, but definitely worth it. I am the first college graduate in my family. I have been in a predominately male profession. I hold my own soundly. I am an active volunteer member of the Mobile Citizens Police Academy, Fire Department, and soon Sheriff’s Academy. I support our first responders, and giving back is important to me.”

Swafford said that what she loves best about her job is that it is always exciting and allows her to help and assist others.

“Security is never a dull moment,” Swafford said. “Everything from backgrounds to Embassy requests, not to mention the other various tidbits Security touches. I have made contacts with people in different parts of the world. I enjoy my interactions with people. I like to problem solve and, if possible, assist even if it’s outside my lane. I see good in people, and I know there is bad in others. It’s my job to keep those I can safe. I have always found it fulfilling to help others.”

Rose advises other Hispanics, whether male or female, who are interested in a job or career in Security or with the USACE Mobile District not to let their background stop them from going after what they want out of life.

“Don’t let your heritage be a hindrance,” Swafford said. “You can be the best security specialist despite not being American-born. We are all Americans. We come from different parts of the world but have one mission. To be the best Americans we can be. We do it for our families, for our well-being, and for our Nation’s Security.”

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