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Volcon Inc. (NASDAQ: VLCN) (“Volcon” or the “Company”), the first all-electric, off-road powersports company, announced today the signing of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (ERDC). Volcon believes this collaboration marks a significant step forward in the development of EV technology for both civilian and military applications.

Under the terms of this CRADA, Volcon and ERDC will collaborate on research and development efforts aimed at enhancing the capabilities of electric vehicles, with a focus on creating dual-use products that benefit both warfighters and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in their support of emergency services disaster response.

Key objectives of this collaboration include:

  1. Energy Management: Volcon will provide technical expertise to improve energy management in electric vehicles, including measurement, monitoring, range extension, and export power processes and procedures.
  2. Compatibility with Microgrid Technology: The collaboration will work to ensure compatibility with emerging microgrid and electrical infrastructure technologies to create scalable solutions that enhance the adaptability of off-road EVs.
  3. Enhanced Tactical Ground Vehicles: Volcon aims to develop enhanced tactical ground vehicle applications to support soldiers and emergency responders in their missions.
  4. Government Fleet Electrification: The collaboration aligns with the 2022 U.S. Army Climate Strategy and Executive Order 14057, supporting government fleet electrification from the present through 2050.

This agreement represents a significant step toward addressing known challenges in the EV sector, such as remote tactical recharging, vehicle-to-grid, and microgrid charging, and looks to maximize power efficiency while reducing reliance on traditional fuel-based energy generation.

By working together with ERDC, Volcon aims to create scalable EV solutions that benefit federal, state, and local governments, as well as the Department of Defense (DoD). This collaboration embodies the spirit of the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 and Army Regulation 70-57, which encourage the private sector to leverage federally funded technology developments for the betterment of the United States.

“We are very excited to be working with the Army Corps. We believe that their decades of experience in engineering solutions for the battlefield will bear real fruit for Volcon in the commercial markets. This agreement is crafted in a way that mutually benefits the parties by creating real-world solutions and product features that can be monetized in the future,” said Jordan Davis, Volcon CEO. “On the one hand, we get to play a real role in benefiting the warfighter and humanitarian efforts where our electric vehicles can play a role, all while harvesting technology that may be deployed to commercial segments as well.”

Volcon ePowersports is excited about the potential this collaboration holds for the future of the Company, electric vehicle technology in general, and its broader applications. Together with ERDC, the Company looks forward to advancing the state of the art in EV technology and contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future.

About Volcon, Inc

Based in the Austin, Texas area, Volcon was founded as the first all-electric power sports company producing high-quality and sustainable electric vehicles for the outdoor community. Volcon electric vehicles are the future of off-roading, not only because of their environmental benefits but also because of their near-silent operation, which allows for a more immersive outdoor experience.

Volcon's vehicle roadmap includes both motorcycles and UTVs. Its first product, the innovative Grunt, began shipping to customers in late 2021 and combines a fat-tired physique with high-torque electric power and a near-silent drive train. The Volcon Grunt EVO, an evolution of the original Grunt with a belt drive, an improved suspension and seat, began shipping to customers in September 2023. Volcon will also offer the Runt LT, a fun-sized version of the groundbreaking Grunt, better suited for small-statured riders, more compact properties and trails, or as a pit bike at race events, while still delivering robust off-road capabilities. The Brat is Volcon’s first foray into the wildly popular eBike market for both on road and off-road riding and is currently being delivered to dealers across North America. Volcon is also currently delivering the Volcon Youth Line of dirt bikes for younger riders between the ages of 4 to 11. Volcon debuted the Stag in July 2023 and entered the rapidly expanding UTV market and previously announced that it will begin shipping the Stag to customers in October 2023. The Stag empowers the driver to explore the outdoors in a new and unique way that gas-powered UTVs cannot. The Stag offers the same thrilling performance of a standard UTV without the noise (or pollution), allowing the driver to explore the outdoors with all their senses.

About United States Army Engineer Research and Development Center

The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) is one of the most diverse engineering and scientific research organizations in the world and serves as the research and development arm of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. With seven laboratories in four states and a workforce of more than 2,330 employees, ERDC conducts research and development in support of the warfighter, military installations and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers civil works mission, as well as for other federal agencies, state and municipal authorities and with U.S. industries through innovative work agreements.

AECOM, announced that a joint venture between AECOM and Black & Veatch (AECOM-B&V Lakes and Rivers JV) has been selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to provide architectural and engineering services for infrastructure projects for the 17 states within the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, and nationwide. The multiple-award contract has a five-year term and is funded through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“We’re proud to continue our 100-year partnership with the USACE delivering infrastructure solutions that protect communities and the environment,” said Karl Jensen, executive vice president of AECOM’s National Governments business. “This important work ties directly to our firmwide environmental, social, and governance objectives, which are rooted in our commitment to delivering a better world, and we look forward to teaming with Black & Veatch on this transformative program.”

The program will focus on renovating and modernizing infrastructure, mitigating flood risks, and restoring ecosystems. Projects under this contract are expected to include sustainable design, renovation, and modernization of critical infrastructure, including dams, locks, levees, flood walls, pump stations, bridges, roadways, and canals, as well as stand-alone buildings and ecosystem restoration.

“As the USACE seeks to reduce disaster risks and energize local economies, we’re proud to bring comprehensive expertise in sustainability and resiliency that meets its program’s complex technical needs,” said Matt Crane, chief executive of AECOM’s U.S. West region. “Our team is excited by the opportunity to design innovative solutions that improve critical infrastructure and strengthen resilience for generations to come.”

The scope of work may include master planning; feasibility studies; site assessments; permitting; environmental compliance; and design for design-bid-build and design-build projects. Through an integrated design approach and an emphasis on environmental stewardship, sustainable design efforts may include energy and water conservation, use of recovered and recycled materials, use of alternative energy, and waste reduction measures.

“Black & Veatch’s civil works solutions have supported federal and military clients for more than a century and continue to expand globally,” said Rick Kaiser, Federal Agencies Segment Leader and President of BV Special Projects Corp. for Black & Veatch. “The joint venture will deliver sustainable, critical infrastructure that plays a crucial role in protecting the environment and improving lives in surrounding communities.”

Conti Federal Services, a leading U.S. government construction and engineering firm specializing in military and secure construction, has been awarded a $43,924,087 contract for the construction of a B-21 Weapon Loader Training Facility at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

Awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Omaha District, the B-21 Weapon Loader Training Facility project is one of several major construction initiatives integral to the multi-year facilities beddown strategy for the B-21 program at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

The project entails renovating the base’s “Pride Hangar” ,which was originally built to house the B-36 aircraft, to allow for the creation of state-of-the-art weapons loader training (WLT) bays. This newly designed space will house mock-ups of an aircraft fuselage, facilitating advanced training activities related to weapons loading. Additionally, the project includes the renovation of administrative, training, and utility areas, enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the facility.

"This contract award win shows our commitment to supporting the national defense infrastructure of the B-21 beddown program at Ellsworth Air Force Base, and furthers our partnership with the local trade community,” said Ryan Kanzleiter, Conti Federal Regional Business Development Director. “We look forward to continuing our commitment and collaboration with the USACE Omaha District and other key stakeholders to ensure the successful completion of this vital training facility, further solidifying our role in shaping a safer and stronger future for our nation.”

With a track record of delivering high-quality construction projects, Conti Federal remains steadfast in its mission to support national security initiatives. This contract award represents further progress in the company expanding its regional presence and upholding its reputation for excellence within the industry.

Work is estimated to be completed on this project by September 2025.

Conti Federal is currently working on several mission-critical projects in the region in collaboration with the USACE Omaha District. These include the development of a B-21 RF Hangar Facility at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, a DRP Formal Training Unit building renovation at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, a helicopter operations facility at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and an F-35 Fighter Alert Shelter at Truax Field in Madison, Wisconsin.

Perimeter Solutions (NYSE: PRM), a leading global manufacturer of high-quality firefighting foams, announced today that its SOLBERG® 3% MIL-SPEC Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam (SFFF) is the first fluorine-free firefighting foam concentrate to be added to the Department of Defense Qualified Products List (QPL). Now that a fluorine-free foam has been added to the QPL, federal regulations mandate that airport authorities and other government agencies that are required to use MIL-SPEC-qualified products to transition from aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) to fluorine-free. SOLBERG 3% is the only fluorine-free foam that is currently on the QPL and available to the market.

Firefighters train at attacking aircraft fire and making entry. (Image courtesy Perimeter Solutions)
Firefighters train at attacking aircraft fire and making entry. (Image courtesy Perimeter Solutions)

Since 1969, the industry has followed the MIL-F-24385 specification, which required the use of AFFF. Moving toward more sustainable technology, MIL-PRF-32725 (I1) , a new specification for land-based, fresh-water applications for fluorine-free foams was released in January 2023. Manufactured in Green Bay, Wisconsin, SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF concentrate is specifically designed for fast knockdown and extinguishment of gasoline and Jet A fuel spill fires as identified in MIL-PRF-32725 (I1), easily exceeding expansion ratio, burn back, and 25% drain-time performance requirements. It is biodegradable and non-persistent, contains no siloxanes or intentionally added per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and is compatible with multiple equipment systems.

“We are an industry leader in fluorine-free foam technology, having developed fluorine-free foam solutions since the early 2000s. SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF is our fourth-generation fluorine-free product, and we are proud that it is the first to be added to the QPL,” says Craig McDonnell, Vice President, General Manager of Perimeter Solutions’ Americas Suppressants and Prevention & Protection. “SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFF is available now, and Perimeter Solutions is ready to assist the market in making the transition to fluorine-free foam today. The introduction of SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF demonstrates our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that not only meet the highest industry performance standards, but also minimize their impact on the environment.”

McDonnell adds that Perimeter Solutions’ internal testing confirms the performance of SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF in salt water, an advantage for customers, as many water sources contain high levels of minerals or salts that affect foam performance. He says Perimeter is also a proven partner of the military, having supplied the Air Force with foam for their Aircraft Rescue Firefighting foam transition from 2015-2016, delivering 418,000 gallons to 183 locations around the world.

“While some foam manufacturers have decided not to participate in the new MIL-SPEC qualification program and have either stopped or are planning to stop producing foam for the military and commercial markets that rely on MIL-SPEC foam, Perimeter Solutions remains committed to serving this market with high-quality fluorine-free foam solutions,” adds Mark Siem, Business Development-Industrial, Chemist at Perimeter Solutions.

For more information about Perimeter Solutions and SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF, visit https://www.perimeter-solutions.com/en/class-b-foam/3-mil-spec-sfff/.

 About Perimeter Solutions

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Perimeter Solutions (NYSE: PRM) is a premier global solutions provider, producing high-quality firefighting products and lubricant additives. The company develops products that impact critically important issues of life – issues where there often is no room for error and the job doesn’t offer second chances. At Perimeter, we characterize the solutions we develop as ‘Trusted Solutions that Save’ – because it underscores what we are trying to accomplish for our customers and the world at large. Perimeter Solutions produces major brands known throughout the world like PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® retardant, foam concentrates and gel products; AUXQUIMIA® and SOLBERG® firefighting foam concentrates; and BIOGEMA® extinguishing agents and retardants. For more info on how we use our experience, responsibility, and integrity to deliver trusted solutions that help improve firefighting performance, visit: www.perimeter-solutions.com.

Arcadis logo.

Arcadis U.S. Inc, a leading global design and consultancy organization for natural and built assets, is pleased to announce its selection to perform environmental and remediation services for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Huntsville District. Arcadis is one of nine firms to be selected as part of an $800 million shared capacity framework contract.

During the contract's five-year performance period, companies will compete for projects under a competitive bidding process. The scope of services under the framework includes the removal, transport and disposal of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) containing Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) from fire suppression systems. PFAS are a widely used group of chemicals that do not break down in the environment and are therefore difficult to treat. Arcadis will be employing innovative techniques including creating an AFFF foam transition digital tool to collect, organize and report data gathered by field personnel during foam transition activities, as well as replacing firefighting foams with equivalent substances that do not contain PFAS.

These AFFF support services will be delivered at various U.S. Department of Defense commands and installations and other federal agencies located across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, the U.S. territories and outlying areas.

Tom Rose, Federal Sector Leader for Arcadis, said: "We're honored to provide long-term clients like USACE with our proven solutions and leading technical expertise that not only address and limit the environmental impacts of PFAS, but also support global efforts around sustainability."

Frank Goossensen, Global Resilience Growth Leader for Arcadis, added: "PFAS and other emerging contaminants are a big issue around the globe and, as we grow our understanding of their impact on the environment, we are also making huge strides in learning how to contain or treat them so as to minimize future harm. Rapidly evolving regulations make this an increasingly important issue and I'm pleased that, by working with clients such as USACE, we can apply our technical innovation to tackle one of the biggest remediation challenges of today."


Arcadis is the leading global design & consultancy organization for natural and built assets. We maximize impact for our clients and the communities they serve by providing effective solutions through sustainable outcomes, focus and scale, and digitalization. We are 36,000 people, active in more than 70 countries that generate €4.0 billion in gross revenues. We support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world. www.arcadis.com 

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