USACE Master Sgt. Reflects on How His Military Career was Perfect Fit for Growth, Maturity

U.S. Army Master Sgt. Shermaine Malone, a contract specialist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, viewed joining the military not just a career choice, but an opportunity to travel the world.

“Upon graduating high school, I recognized that college wasn’t the right path for me,” said Malone. “I saw joining the military as an opportunity not only to mature as a young man but also to see different parts of the globe.”

On the brink of retirement, after a distinguished 22-year career, Malone reflects on the invaluable lessons learned and the personal growth attained from his military service.

“The military instilled in me the values of structure and leading by example,” said Malone. “Having transitioned from the civilian workforce to the military later in life, I believe I brought a unique perspective that enhanced my ability to navigate the challenges of military life.”

Colleagues, friends, and family gathered on May 29, 2024, at the District headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, to honor Malone’s service and commemorate his impending retirement. During the ceremony, Savannah District Commander Col. Ronald Sturgeon presented Malone with the Meritorious Service Medal, recognizing his exceptional contributions to the District.

In his position as a contract specialist, Malone played a vital role in the execution of civil works projects within the District’s purview. Reflecting on his responsibilities, Malone expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to environmental projects that positively impact communities.
“Civil Works encompasses vital environmental initiatives, and I take pride in knowing my efforts helped sustain and enhance these areas for future generations,” said Malone.

Prior to his assignment with the Savannah District, Malone’s most memorable experiences in the military revolved around mentorship and support.

“Guiding Soldiers on their journey to becoming professional leaders and aiding in their transition from adolescence to adulthood has left a lasting impact on my life,” said Malone.

Additionally, Malone participated in 20 funeral details during his tenure at Fort Liberty, viewing it as a privilege to honor fallen comrades and provide solace to grieving families.

As Malone prepares to embark on his next chapter, he does so with a sense of fulfillment and pride in his accomplishments.

“I am proud and humbled by the many things I achieved during my military career, I believe I was where I was meant to be throughout it all,” said Malone.

With his official retirement date set for Aug. 31, 2024, Malone looks forward to new beginnings while cherishing the memories and friendships forged during his career.