VA and USACE Partner to Improve Medical Construction Projects

Earlier this month, VA and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) united for a joint summit in Frederick, MD, to discuss strategic priorities for 2024-25, including reinforcing the commitment to enhancing the national medical construction program.

Currently, VA’s major medical construction program oversees 30 health care facility construction projects in the U.S., with a total value exceeding $14 billion. The summit brought the partners together to reflect on its progress in 2023, and to channel future efforts at putting Veterans at the center of its every decision. Leveraging these strengths will allow both agencies to improve health care outcomes moving forward.

VA dental clinic rooms
Building 2 of the Canandaigua VA Medical Center includes a dental clinic for patients to receive care. (USACE photo by Michael Maddox)
Improving program performance

While VA and USACE leadership reflected on its significant progress made in 2023, it also found areas to improve. Specifically, the group identified gaps in financial reporting and took decisive action to improve program performance. It also collaborated to standardize financial reporting, enhance funding capabilities, and implemented more efficient processes. These updated financial policies will ensure that implementation is accountable, auditable and repeatable. Additionally, the leaders will continue to focus on simplifying and standardizing customer invoicing and order fulfillment. Collaborative analytics, too, will continue to drive personnel behavior, improve teamwork and enhance the overall performance of the medical construction project.

The VA/USCAE collaborative effort will continue to shape the future of Veteran health care facilities, marking a significant stride forward for VA’s medical construction programs.